What is HIT?

‘HIT’ is the abbreviation of High Intensity Training. Hit is an intensive precision stimulus of all layers of the muscles. In reaction, your body generates a signal that causes multiple health effect. The most spectacular being the degree in which your muscles grow stronger and your body becomes more ‘tight’.

Wy does not everyone work out with HIT?
This is a good question, and we’d gladly want to do something about it. The simple and correct answer is that momentarily not enough people have heard about HIT and experienced the advantages.

Is HIT also cardio?

HIT stimulates the positive adaption of the cardiovascular system. Research even shows that the effects of HIT exercises, provided that they really are executed until muscle failure, are comparable to traditional cardio exercises. This means HIT is cardio as well!

Will my muscles ache a lot after the workout?

There will be relatively little muscle ache and this will differ per workout and routine. The intensity of the workout and the muscle ache. Next to that, you will notice that your body accustoms rapidly to a new routine, resulting in less your effort, determine muscle pain.

Why only workout once a week?

Because after the workout there is a recovery period. During the workout you have dug a deep hole in your ability to recover. This hole you first will fill again, which takes a few days. After that it’s time for the muscle power to overcompensate. At Koudstaal, we call this ‘grow and bloom’. The next workout, this process starts all over.

Why do you only offer one-on-one workouts?

This enables you to achieve a better result and us to closely monitor progress, safety, execution and perseverance.

Do I have to bring schemes et cetera with me?

No, we see to it that everything is ready for you, so you can fully focus on the workout. The only thing we ask you to bring with you is your perseverance.

Next to HIT, what can I also do to lose weight and will you help me with that?

We will regularly give you advice on your nutrition and calory budget. Subsequently, you can keep track on your calory budget in our app or in your own. Next to that, we monitor your progress in weight loss, give you tips and stimulate you to make the right choices. The building blocks of your body are important!

Do I have to eat something special prior to the workout?

Make sure that you eat enough carbohydrates the day before the workout, so that they are put in your muscles. You will need the fuel for a HIT workout in which they are burnt out of the muscle again. On the day of the workout you might want to eat some ginger in order to counter muscle ache.

Workout Goals:

COUNTERACT AGING: HIT creates maximum muscle mass and stimulates vitality of your whole body. Does not lead to wear, but strengthens caps, attachments, tendons and bones. HIT takes injuries into account and aids rehabilitation.

MORE POWER AND ENERGY: HIT stimulates your muscles and energy systems. Combined with good nutrition and a healthy life style, you will become next level strong and energetic.

LOSE WEIGHT SUSTAINABLY: HIT gets you out of the ‘yo-yo’, you lose weight in a controlled and durable manner. Your fat tissue transforms into muscle and you feel better.

(TOP)SPORT BETTER: HIT supports your sports practice, creates a more balanced muscular system and reduces your sensitivity for injuries. Also ideal in between the competition seasons.

Koudstaal High Intensity Training:

  • Based on science and proven in practice
  • Lightning-fast increase of muscle power and energy
  • Your whole-body functions much better
  • One stimulus: effect the whole week, progress every week
  • Strongly counters aging
  • Continuous and sustainable weight loss
  • Suitable for all ages (our oldest customer is 70+)

And all this with ONE half hour workout per week!