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Koudstaal consists of founder Lennert van Beek.

He is there to see to it that your health is stimulated in the most effective, efficient and safe manner, in order to achieve a lifelong high level of quality of life. Koudstaal consists of founder Lennert van Beek en Daan Wiersma.


“Every HIT-workout in fact is your own heroic battle. When you give it your best you always win, because you turn out to be stronger than the previous time. This only occurs when your workout is perfectly tailor-made.

For decades I have dedicated myself to deepen my vision on sport, health and quality of life. Koudstaal is the result of this quest. What moves me most is when my clients feel so much better that they embark on new challenges in their life, with their heads high and shoulders straight.

By the way, this also is the case for us as ‘Koudstalers’, because we learn every day and our studio is our laboratory.”


“After my sports-education I have worked in several gyms. I used to work out a lot. Too much, because I noticed that my progress stagnated. When I started with HIT, I saw progression again. This instantly convinced me of the value of HIT. In 2017 I was diagnosed with MS. Since then, HIT not only prevents my muscle mass to decrease, but it also even makes my mass increase. This is crucial for my quality of life and therefore I grant it to everyone! At Koudstaal, HIT is not only a science, but also an art. This is unique, which makes me proud to be a Koudstaler.”


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Workout Goals:

COUNTERACT AGING: HIT creates maximum muscle mass and stimulates vitality of your whole body. Does not lead to wear, but strengthens caps, attachments, tendons and bones. HIT takes injuries into account and aids rehabilitation.

MORE POWER AND ENERGY: HIT stimulates your muscles and energy systems. Combined with good nutrition and a healthy life style, you will become next level strong and energetic.

LOSE WEIGHT SUSTAINABLY: HIT gets you out of the ‘yo-yo’, you lose weight in a controlled and durable manner. Your fat tissue transforms into muscle and you feel better.

(TOP)SPORT BETTER: HIT supports your sports practice, creates a more balanced muscular system and reduces your sensitivity for injuries. Also ideal in between the competition seasons.

Koudstaal High Intensity Training:

  • Based on science and proven in practice
  • Lightning-fast increase of muscle power and energy
  • Your whole-body functions much better
  • One stimulus: effect the whole week, progress every week
  • Strongly counters aging
  • Continuous and sustainable weight loss
  • Suitable for all ages (our oldest customer is 70+)

And all this with ONE half hour workout per week!