Workout Goals:

COUNTERACT AGING: HIT creates maximum muscle mass and stimulates vitality of your whole body. Does not lead to wear, but strengthens caps, attachments, tendons and bones. HIT takes injuries into account and aids rehabilitation.

MORE POWER AND ENERGY: HIT stimulates your muscles and energy systems. Combined with good nutrition and a healthy life style, you will become next level strong and energetic.

LOSE WEIGHT SUSTAINABLY: HIT gets you out of the ‘yo-yo’, you lose weight in a controlled and durable manner. Your fat tissue transforms into muscle and you feel better.

(TOP)SPORT BETTER: HIT supports your sports practice, creates a more balanced muscular system and reduces your sensitivity for injuries. Also ideal in between the competition seasons.

Koudstaal High Intensity Training:

  • Based on science and proven in practice
  • Lightning-fast increase of muscle power and energy
  • Your whole-body functions much better
  • One stimulus: effect the whole week, progress every week
  • Strongly counters aging
  • Continuous and sustainable weight loss
  • Suitable for all ages (our oldest customer is 70+)

And all this with ONE half hour workout per week!