Weight Loss

Weight Loss

My goal is to lose weight, what makes HIT suitable for me?

HIT is great for effective weight loss, in combination with a restricted calorie deficit.
Don’t waste precious and boring hours on the treadmill!

What results can I expect with regard to weight loss?

This will vary per individual. We suggest not to lose more than one pound of fat a week. This will leave you with enough energy to recover and go about your daily business.

“What motivates me most of all, is that I see that my body is changing”

I thought the first trial lesson was very cool. I expected that I would be out of breath in no time. But is was more to do with power. I did, however, have terrible muscle aches after that first workout session.

My main goal was to get more energy. Moreover, I also wanted to lose weight. I noticed very quickly that I began to feel stronger physically. Getting more energy took some 5 workout sessions.

Now I have been training with KOUDSTAAL for a while I feel my energy levels are rising. Most of all, however, I see that my body is changing. That is so motivating! Now I want to improve myself every week. I do not settle for less anymore.

The first 5 days after the workout session I really feel that I have done something. After that, the effect starts to wear off, and vague complaints start to pop up, such as a backache. That’s when I realise “well, it’s about time to do another workout session”.

I can really recommend this form of sports especially to people who do not have the time to go to the gym a couple of times per week. And because there is so much attention for the individual person, this form is suitable for really everyone.

Maureen de Jong, Schiedam

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