Your muscles are a well-kept secret in losing weight sustainably, because muscles even at rest use more energy than other tissues. With only one HIT workout a week, your muscle mass increases. The more muscles, the more calories you burn, all day long!

If you combine this muscle mass increase with healthier and less food, you lose weight in a controlled and durable manner. After all, there is less entering your body than you use... Therefore we regularly give you advice about your food and calory budget. You can then keep track of your budget in our app or in your own. We also monitor your progress regarding weight loss, give you tips and stimulate you to make the right choices. The building blocks of your body are important!

Next to vigilance, all of this particularly requires discipline, and here also HIT comes to the rescue. Practicing HIT, you see your body change in a positive way and you start to feel ever better. This is the very best stimulant to keep eating healthily. The circle is closed.

With Koudstaal you get the whole package to lose weight sustainably.


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