Sports Specific

Sports Specific

I do a specific sport at a high level, what makes HIT suitable for me?

HIT is an effective and efficient tool with which you will improve your game. KOUDSTAAL workouts improve your strength, as well as your cardiovascular and metabolic health condition. We use reality, logic and facts to put together your personal programme. Our goal is to create a programme that is focused on continuous improvement.

Examples of results that athletes have achieved in their specific sport because they follow a KOUSTAAL HIT programme.

We have made a contribution to the performance improvement of athletes who do the following sports: IPSC Shooting, Triathlon, Golf, Tennis, and Marathon.

“A lot of satisfaction and a lot of time-saving”

I have been working out wit KOUDSTAAL for two years now.

Before, I used to spend 5 or 6 days per week at least one to one and a half hours doing sports. This, however, was more some kind of occupational therapy than anything else. At a certain point in time, I realised that is was a real waste of my time.

At first I was rather sceptical. Just once a week for 30 minutes, and that would do the trick, at the time I did not believe it. But after struggling on by myself for another year without improving, I decided to have a go and follow a trial lesson.

Now, I do a workout once a week. I have lost weight and my muscle mass has increased considerably. And all this in 30 minutes per week, while before I did actually spend a lot of time training!

Now I have great flexibility, too, timewise. I check the app and ‘click’, I have registered for a new workout session. That is just so easy.
I realise that by training this way, that there is a motivator there, and it continuously drives me to the max. Already a couple of days before each workout session it’s on my mind. As is food and drinks, for the scales are waiting for me at KOUDSTAAL. And this is why I see an improvement every single week. And I could not get that done by myself.

I would certainly recommend other people to go and train with KOUDSTAAL. So when people say: “I feel like picking up sports again”, I will say: “If I were you, I would check out KOUDSTAAL!”.

Martin Ambachtsheer, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel

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