Power & Energy

Power & Energy

It’s my purpose is to get more strength and energy, why would I choose HIT?

If you are looking for a total fitness programme to improve your health, KOUSTAAL is the most effective, efficient and safest way to start.

What results can I expect with regard to strengths and energy?

Experience the strength and energetic benefits of our one-on-one personal workout sessions. KOUDSTAAL workouts will truly improve your daily life!

“A healthy mind in a healthy body, that would, I suppose, be my greatest goal”

Previously, I would primarily exhaust myself when exercising. And I did not really notice any improvement, in the sense of getting into shape. Now, however, it is very clear to me that my body is changing due to the things I do. And in a very simple way.

When I go to the gym by myself, I just mess about. Lennert adjusts the programme to who you are and how you feel, he motivates.

I feel that besides my physical strength, also my mental toughness has increased. I feel super energetic and much fitter, in every way. I am on more! Booth my body and my mind.

It, therefore, never is any trouble for me to come here. I just go, for it is also an appointment with another person. And this is a big motivator, too. I have to drive for 30 minutes to get here, but…. I do it!

It can sometimes be difficult to convince other people that this form of training is suitable for everybody. For how can it be that it works with just half an hour of training per week. It does, but you have to do it the right way.

Marije van Ouwerkerk, Dordrecht

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