The best way to change your quality of life


The best way to change your quality of life

What does a HIT training session look like?

The goal of your personal programme is to help you improve your strength, health and power, in a safe way. Your workout is aimed at self-improvement.

how do we operate

We work with high-quality weight-resistance equipment. With this optimum equipment, we can stimulate your strength and health safely and efficiently. Our equipment is suitable for getting into shape, either sport specific or recovery.

Why does a workout once or twice a week suffice?

One or two workouts are enough to get all the health benefits, without spending hours in gym.


For whom is KOUDSTAAL’S HIT suitable?

KOUDSTAAL’S HIT is suitable for you if you are looking for all the health benefits in one workout, in a minimum of time. 
KOUDSTAAL is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle. Our workouts are efficient, effective and safe, and designed to improve your health!

What results do we achieve with HIT?

  • Homeostasis: is maintaining the nutrients and waste in the cells through the internal environment
  • Brain: improving the learning and memory functions of the brain.
  • Organs: improving the functioning of the liver, the bowel, and the pancreas.
  • Tendons: strengthening your tendons.
  • Insulin: improving your insulin sensitivity.
  • Bones: bone mineral density loss prevention.
  • Agility: improving your flexibility.
  • Fat: reducing subcutaneous and organ fat levels.
  • Energy: increasing your energy level.
  • Muscle tissue mass: increasing muscle tissue development.
  • Cytokines: regulating myostatin, a gene that is responsible for the negative regulation of our muscle mass.
  • Chronic inflammation: reducing chronic inflammation.
  • Healthy sleep: improving your night’s rest.

Why would you choose HIT over other sports?

HIT is the most effective and efficient way to improve your health. If you take your health seriously, you will want an exercise programme that benefits your health both in the short and in the long term. Apply the correct exercise dose, and you will continuously improve your health. Another great benefit of our workouts is that you don’t waste valuable time which can be used for other purposes.

Why do HIT with KOUDSTAAL instead of exercising somewhere else?

With our reason and purpose, KOUDSTAAL creates workout programmes that are focused on you and your improvement. This is the reason why we do one-on-one personal training: it gets you better results in a minimum of time.

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