What KOUDSTAAL can do for employers

KOUDSTAAL can create healthier, more productive employees, and this will benefit your company.

The advantage of HIT for my employees

HIT will create healthier employees, with improved physical and mental health. KOUDSTAAL can improve your employees, their self-esteem and work ethics.

Professional groups HIT is most suitable for

HIT will benefit different kind of professionals, but it will benefit especially those who have a busy lifestyle

Options and benefits for employers

Have your employees work out at our location. This is an exciting and stimulating experience, time and again. Employees can work on their self-improvement. Get healthier individuals that will benefit your company.

Do you like our concept?

KOUDSTAAL is building into the future, and brings epistemology into our business. We are looking for an independent personal trainer that wants to work within the ‘KOUDSTAAL Turnkey concept’. Please contact KOUDSTAAL for further information.

If we have shared values, our relationship has a good chance of success.

For further details please contact Lennert van Beek 06 – 24 22 42 21 or