The older we get, the more our muscles diminish. This is a natural process. However, the way we often live is not natural! We exercise too little and have bad eating habits, which causes muscle deterioration at an unnatural pace. Or we participate in repetitive or risky movement we call ‘sports’, resulting in injuries and unnecessary wear.

Koudstaal High Intensity Life Force Training is the very best approach to counteract aging:


  • Creates the maximum amount of muscle mass within your predisposition and age.
  • Stimulates vitality of your whole body and all processes within.
  • Does not lead to wear, on the contrary: strengthens caps, attachments, tendons and bones.
  • Takes injuries into account and may even contribute to rehabilitation programs.


And… you can enlist at any age and achieve the results!

Don’t believe us, believe Sylvie Plugge, 73 years young:

“When I was seventy years of age, I started with Koudstaal HIT. I had heard that a High Intensity Training is particularly advantageous at an older age. In itself I did not feel bad, but still I wanted to improve my health. After all, I want to be living healthily and actively for a long time coming.

Nowadays I feel more fit and vital than when I started. I live five stories high and every day I take the stairs up and down. Biking and hiking also goes better. For instance, when I bike uphill or up a bridge, I notice the advantage of my increased muscle power. My shape and energy have also improved. All in all my attitude to life is even more positive than before, precisely because I am able to do so much. And all of that with only 30 minutes workout per week!”


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